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 nina@*o*et.*i wrote at Jun 17, 2023

Sehr gute Produktqualität, guter Service und schneller Versand – einer der besten Shops!

 gianins**t**1@gma** wrote at Jun 14, 2023

ot mine in less than 5 days! these guys, so glad I found em

 johanohm**0@gmai*.**m wrote at Jun 8, 2023

yesterday i received my package just 5 days after shipment
looks very very good, i may test this next week

 hum*t*r@gmail.c** wrote at Jun 7, 2023

Very nice Support!! Big Thanks to ya!

 ser***delauci@h*tmail.*o* wrote at May 31, 2023

Perfect transaction. Will be back for more. Just in time for the holidays. Took about 3 weeks to arrive so just be patient and you will get your product. Thank you again!

 sj*munca**er@**h* wrote at May 21, 2023

A trustworthy source, AMAZING communication. Assisted me through issues I was having with bitcoin and answered all my questions/ concerns. Quality product, extremely stealth packaging. No hold ups or issues during transit. 13 days from order to my door. Thank you.

 bastien.h*y*t@gm*i*.**m wrote at May 20, 2023

Fantastic product, I went from the order screen to having it in my hands within the space of only nine days, despite being continents away from the fine folk at BuyMeph. With transparency at every step, a reliable product and a trustworthy company, I can think of no better place to obtain ***.

 ev*rf**e125@outloo*.*o* wrote at May 14, 2023

Mine arrived too!!

 seba***d*no@hotma** wrote at Jul 24, 2023

Like a charm, big ups boys. Excellent service

 rob**.tls5*@gm*il.*om wrote at Jul 19, 2023

All I can say is how blown away by how well you presented your site and product. Everything you say you mean. Recieved tracking info less than 48 hrs later and tracked all the way to my door in a total of 10 days (not 10 business days). Can’t wait to get to the lab with these. A++, will definitely be going through again after I conduct my results.

 mylit*le*ony*767*@*ma**.com wrote at Jul 18, 2023

absolutely happy with your awesome service. the plants grew like … unspeakable! keep on doing your business!

 bi*l***72@* wrote at Jul 9, 2023

BuyMeph Kontaktiert und sie haben ohne rumzumosern meine verlorene sendung nachgeschickt, freitag ging se raus und gestern kam sie an, sehr freundlicher service, qualität ist top, mein neuer lieblings-vendor
Top Jungs macht weiter so! )

 124mcquay@*ma*l.*** wrote at Jul 8, 2023

professional packing. arrived within 10 days to thailand.

 cor72z_*est@t*ta***a.*om wrote at Jul 2, 2023

Super fast shipping, top quality and free sample. PRICES ARE GREAT. Best Shop ever!

 lo*p*nen.*i*k*@gmail.c*m wrote at Jun 25, 2023

thank you very much! GREAT SERVICE .. 2! days to west/germany. is this normal ? looking into a great future !

 jamise.g**e@*mail.**m wrote at Jun 19, 2023

To start out, delivery came within expected time period and had no issues coming through customs (always a plus). Package was well padded with no damage whatsoever to the contents. The product itself was exactly as described. In my book, this makes a prefect 5/5 rating. I look forward to many more purchases from this vendor! Thank you BuyMeph for an easy and reliable service. Cheers!

ejs@h*t*a*l.*om wrote at Sep 17, 2023

great work as always, goods arrived today ! thanks a lot

 aug.c**z@gm*il.c** wrote at Sep 11, 2023

My order was shiped 6 days ago and didn t arrive yet. Hope it didn t get lost. Normaly the shipping only took like 3 or 4 days. 🙁

 1993l*i*ie42*4@g**il.c*m wrote at Sep 5, 2023

10 days passed still not recieved

 mx*rady5*1@g*ai*.c*m wrote at Aug 30, 2023

Awesome and faster than walgreens

 bensiev1*93@**** wrote at Aug 22, 2023

Fast delivery! It took about 7 days for my package to arrive, that includes the days it took for the payment to be accepted!

 simo**a**n92@gmail.c** wrote at Aug 13, 2023

Thanks guys!

 harrymcl*r*o*78@h*t**il.*om wrote at Aug 4, 2023

so i say this now for everybody!

 br*an2*0*@* wrote at Jul 31, 2023

Order arrived exelent !!!!

 thegrim*e***r2@*u*l* wrote at Nov 3, 2023

super service,schnelle lieferung und noch etwas ich habe 13 eur mehr bezahlt wegen niedriger preize und bitete fur einen sample fur dieses geld ,und habe doppeltes sample bekomen
danke danke danke ihr seit die besten

 mcm*lnt@g*ai*.c*m wrote at Oct 30, 2023

paid on monday by bitcoin. shipped on wednesday afternoon by ems. arrived on friday in austria. response by mail from was very fast, professional and friendly. quality testing is on the todo list but optically the products are looking top-notch ..

 jm*n*a@g*ai*.com wrote at Oct 20, 2023

package arrived 3 days after payment in germany. i m totally satisfied, keep up the good work!

 bar****luis740@g*ail.*om wrote at Oct 15, 2023

.. was sind das für forscher die sowas behaupten !??

 bl*e*nthef**e@ho*mail.*om wrote at Oct 8, 2023

Super Service und immer sehr schnelle Lieferung – Danke!

 nu*se4**66@** wrote at Sep 30, 2023

This was my first order with BuyMephedrone. I was a little scared using a new vendor but they were great with communication and shipping. I highly recommend this vendor. I like them so much that i just ordered *** from them. Thus far BuyMephedrone has exceeded my expecations. If you are looking for a reliable vendor look no further. You will get your order, and if you have any questions during shipping, theyhave answered all of my questions. Thanks! you are 100 Percent a life saver.

 alexr*d9*5@ya**o.c*m wrote at Sep 29, 2023

Qualtiy is Amazing!!! email support is very fast. and shipping is safe and fast !!! Thanks !!

 bro*akk@g**i*.com wrote at Sep 22, 2023

good products and fast delivery, thanks