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1cp-lsd 100mcg blotters

1cP-LSD, also known as 1-Cyclopropionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, is a novel psychedelic compound closely related to 1P-LSD and LSD. Here’s a concise description of 1cP-LSD: Psychedelic: 1cP-LSD induces altered states of consciousness, visual hallucinations, and sensory distortions. Derivative: Derived from 1P-LSD, it acts as a pro-drug for LSD-25, converting to LSD in the human body. Potency: Similar to LSD-25, 1cP-LSD […]

Blue Bliss pellets (new Pink Stars)

What is Blue Bliss Pellets? Borax Molly Pellets, often known as Blue Bliss Pellets, are brand-new to GR8. Each pellet includes 2 mg of 5-MeO-MPT, 20 mg of 2-FMA, and 80 mg of 5-MAPB. These pellets also contain MCC, colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium starch glycolate, sodium stearyl fumarate, and titanium dioxide. To mimic MDMA, several […]

How to Support Someone Through a Psychedelic Experience

Introduction Would you like to support someone in having a psychedelic experience? You’re not alone. With more and more people experiencing the benefits of psychedelics, an increasing number of people are wanting to provide these experiences for people close to them. It’s natural, because often when you experience benefits from something, you want to share […]

1cP-LSD – The Ultimate Guide

What is 1cP-LSD? 1cP-LSD (1-Cyclopropionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide) a novel semi-synthetic psychedelic substance of the lysergamide class. An analogue of LSD, it first appeared on the online research chemical market in July 2019. Since then it has grown greatly in popularity in the research community. Researchers have frequently reported it to be around 20-30% more potent […]